Love Boat

aka “Expatriate-Youth Taiwan Study Tour”

Sponsored by the Overseas Cultural Affairs Commission (OCAC) of the Taiwanese government. This travel/cultural program invites youth ages 16 to 27 to explore Taiwan on a 3 week long trip. The program fee of approx. $240 CAD covers all meals and accommodations in Taiwan (airfare is not included).

Dates: July (mainly for travel/sight-seeing) or August (Mandarin-study & travel/sight-seeing)
Duration: 3 weeks
Ages: 16 – 27 inclusive
Cost: Approx. $240 CAD (meals & accommodations). Airfare not included.

Program Links

Sponsoring Organization in Taiwan
Overseas Cultural Affairs Commission, OCAC

Affiliated Organization in Canada
Culture Centre, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto

Other Programs Sponsored by OCAC (華裔青年活動專區)

二、海外華裔青年台灣觀摩團 (Love Boat) (click for forms)

Other Links

Eastern Alumni Association (Albert Ho)

Western Alumni Assocation (Pierre Wuu)

Unofficial Loveboat Application Site

Wikipedia Entry about LoveBoat


1. ‘Love Boat’ tour program is about more than study

2. A More Complete Description of the Love Boat


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